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Maribel Pérez Montaña
Commercial and Marketing Manager

Phone: (601) 593 6850 - Ext. 15003

Cellphone: (+57) 316 526 4719

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We are a company with over 18 years of experience in loyalty programs, marketing campaigns and travel. We specialize in developing rewards catalogs, private labels for reward and cash redemption, sales campaigns and commercial incentives.

Loyalty programs:

  • Wide selection of offerings for redemption in articles, travel, bonus cards and electronics.
  • Administration and logistics.
  • Points + Cash

Sales campaigns and incentives:

  • Procurement
  • Administration and logistics
  • Billing settlements
  • Winner´s rankings
  • Products for rewards


  • Private label for reward redemption in travel, articles and gift cards.
  • Private labels for sales campaigns.
  • Business rules module.
  • www.antojese.travel - Different products: Car rentals, VIP lounges, Coaches, Turisemana and more. *Also obtain a carbon footprint compensation and 2 days for Pasa la Página for free.

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